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Chalice California Coming Soon…July 12-13 – Join WeedmapsTV as we celebrate the 710 holiday weekend at the 1st Annual Chalice California Event in San Bernardino, California. This event will be focused on cannabis concentrates and the culture rapidly growing around them. Come check out the live glass blowing, outstanding music line-up, and the top concentrates in the industry.

Hitman Glass:
Twitter: @hitmanglass
Instagram: @hitmanglassdougie


  • Nice.

  • Really wish I could go gonna be depressed that day haha just take a gram dab an tap haha

  • wow during the 710 cup no wonder why the 710 is gonna suck balls…everyone that's good will be at the chalice!!!???…..WTF 710 cup??

  • I WANT TO GO!!! But I'm broke AF. Maybe next year.

  • So, Chalice is finally hosting his own event? 

  • I'll give you $5 for that bong,lol

  • Thanks Weedmaps! Looking forward to seeing you guys there, and catching some great film.

  • Dang man all this stuff..i swear if they had my job in cali i would already be packin! Eastcoast sux
    ? for eastcoast
    Sry for the off topic, thanks for the vid guys keep it up ?

  • I'll be there.

  • Cant wait for Chalice next weekend!!! i got a judges pass which they forgot to mention you can judge in the competition but the passes are going quickly is probably why they didn't,. but you get a hitman rig like the competitors but for judges which is really awesome and a first for an event led by hitmanglass!