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Celebration Pipes Product Review

Gil checks out a long time NORML (Hawaii) member’s long time cool business: Celebration Pipes!


  • I got them to give me the cell # of one of the 3 different people that offered to replace my pipe. Still no replacement. I should start calling this ass hat every day until he has to change his number.

  • they told me it happens on rare occasions from the oils in your hand. what a bunch of BS

  • My rasta fire turned orange the first time I cleaned it with the clean green. I asked them why it happened. They said it was the oils from my hand. They offered 3 different times to replace the pipe. I was not looking for a replacement. Every month I would write back to ask where my replacement was. Dealt with 3 different people and still no pipe. Do not buy from them. A bunch of liers and hacks! the pipes are not cheep and they are crap. I wish I read this before I bought it!

  • yea the one with the gold layer is 22k gold.

  • only the inside of the bowl is gold.

  • Awesome, Beautiful, & Natural Looking Pipes 🙂

  • those things are ugly as hell

  • the most beautiful pipes I've ever seen

  • @Akida646 hahaha

  • @11022033044055066077 bet your pretty big on smoking out of mountain dew cans

  • ugliest pipes i've ever seen

  • LOL! You Scared that old man at 2:56 and then he tries to play it off like he didn't just jump. classic… i had just took a bite of my sandwich when it hit 2:56 i damn near spit it all on the screen busting out laughing. keep up the vids man .peace