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Celebrating Legal Recreational Cannabis in Washington – News July 8th, 2014 Thumbs up for legal recreational cannabis!

Join Weedmaps TV as we travel to the Evergreen State to celebrate another milestone in marijuana history. July 8th, 2014, marks the first legal recreational sale in Washington State and we got a front row seat!


  • Props 

  • In a state such as this, is it possible to find less potent strains? I like to be able to smoke a whole joint, but it's waay too much for me with the high potency today.

  • how much is it in seattle? here in spokane they want 25 a gram for the good stuff. Sadly everyone is buying it from the street because legal weed is so damn expensive and in a lot of cases, not even as potent as some stuff you find on the street.

  • Moving here from the East Coast in less than a year. Can't fucking wait. Love Washington already. 

  • Farmer Tom is like cool santa. 

  • I thought the thumbnail was Tommy Chong. Then I watched and the guys name is Farmer Tom. Lmao. 

  • Let California be next!!!

  • just picked up few clones at my local dispensary!!

  • I love Farmer Tom :)

  • Freedom at $23.45 per gram after tax? Street dealers are about to make a killing at those rates

  • Wish we were celebrating in NC

  • greez from germany!

  • Thanks Gil!

  • hell yes

  • and how about the price, anyone knows?