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Caviar Gold – “Cavi Cone” Review


So I got a couple Cavi Cones from the Seattle Cannabis Cup and was not impressed at all.. It will get you more medicated than any other pre-roll i’ve had.. Just not very good tasting! Watch to the end to see me break this thing open.. – Overall a [4/7]


  • the few I got smell and taste like those flavored tobacco drops. Ewww

  • it really depends where you live cuz all the ones I got are fire

  • coming back to this video 2 years later, he looks fatter, alot fatter?

  • Well, you definitely sound extremely high at the end- so it isn't tobacco.

  • I have never got a pre roll or free joint worth a damn.

  • people in new york be selling 1 of these fuckin things for 25$

  • Yo bro. You a Pimp ass G

  • Cavi cones are hyped shite. Buy a gram of bubble.

  • There grape , vanilla, strawberry, raw , sour apple, raspberry 

  • You deff got a knock off man cavi cones are good man 

  • I tried one of these and almost puked.. Nasty ass shit went in the trash..Fuck pre rolls.. Like you said I have never got a good one..

  • No offense but your such a hater on cavi cones I smoke these everyday

  • What's that instrumental bro?

  • Yoo think you got the knockoff ones my dude especially if its some black shit inside supposed to be straight gold

  • I also wanted to know, I have been high but it's like I get super tired and do not like it, I feel like I can't function even if I only do like 1 hit, I guess what I'm looking for is like a euphoria high like if you were to take a Vicodin but also have energy to function like if I were to drink a 5hour energy. Does something like what I'm talking about exist?

  • What's the best flavored cannabis you've ever had? Like strain wise? And are you more of a sativa or indica person? This is my first time watching your videos :)

  • Lol nasty "weed". Great video though josh and cheers!!! ?

  • why the hell is this high ass nigga rating out of 7 ?!?!

  • I mostly agree.. It doesn't taste as good as you think it would but strength wise; I picked up 3 last night for my birthday from the local dispensary and smoke them between 7 of us.. Shortly after I ended up fainting and hitting my head on a rock. Now, that could of been for a number of reasons but I can tell you this, I have never been so high. If that's what you're looking for, Then I recommend these %100.

  • Real caviar cones are fire!!