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Ca’s Best Meds: Heaven OG Gil reviews some Heaven OG with Eddie from Ca’s Best Meds in San Diego, CA.


  • *Heart

  • I Love Their Job 3 O.o

  • you can use whatever u want! it doesnt change the high at all so i dont see how it matters! i use them sometimes, it just dipends if i feel like making one or not. i still get high so idc.

  • why are you bitching about filters? it doesnt change the weed at all! all it does is stop res from building where your mouth is and personly i dont like res in my mouth so i use them too. i dont know why people care how other people smoke. weed is a peaceful drug, stop bitching about it! filter or not you still get high and feel great.

  • i do that too, i dont know whats wrong with it? its still smoking! i dont know why people get so butt hurt about how people smoke! you con smoke however you want, it doesnt matter if you use filters or not

  • Rollers arent lazy…i suck at rolling thats why I use one

  • Guy with Gil seems very nice.

  • @killerskilz66 unless you want a massive headache from the paper

  • Mr. Clean gets high>

  • @killerskilz666 waste of weed

  • @420beatbox personal preference. i put filters in all my joints.

  • @etdc17 u should only put a crutch or "filter" in a blunt. not a joint

  • @etdc17 chill

  • @etdc17 how r those rook mistakes

  • In my opinion, no offense, but if you're rolling a joint ALWAYS fill that fuckin paper up! No sense in wasting part of the paper… Just sayin

  • love the bud but ditch the roller

  • Great video Gil ! How about a triple diagnostics test for the next one?

  • For those who do not know??? Dude, you grind your medicine, use a rolling machine and dont put a filter at the end of your J……All of those are ROOKIE moves brooooo.Only thing you did right was tear off same paper Medicine looks damn good as usual. BAN all grinders and rolling machines and the guy with the hat wont look so foolish…stop being lazy

  • What happened to Freehand??????
    Those machines are garbage…Nice Herbage