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Ca’s Best Meds: Darth Vader Gil goes down to Ca’s Best Meds in San Diego, CA so review some Darth Vader with Eddie!


  • I find your lack of faith, Disturbing.

  • i don't know about you guys, but to me that's freakin orange, not purple.

  • that darth vader is the shit. best high for hours. it will put dat asz down on the couch!!! From NC.

  • If your not then dream on! hahaha fuckin Gil! lol. Im glad I am!!!

  • hey gil my bud looks just like that i got zip of it and im from tacoma,wa. let me know if you wanna see pics. peace

  • @REDNECKNRHR for real dude hahaha i wish i could just rip off a piece lol

  • looks so frosty and nice just want to smoke my screen

  • i wish i had that!

  • nice man looks pretty bomb…