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Ca’s Best Meds: Blackberry Gil sits down once again with Eddie at Ca’s Best Meds to review a particularly nice Blackberry! Thanks to SDG&E for the power outage comedy interlude….



  • Love all my bro'z… Stay medicated guy. Fuck man.

  • man i love sativia

  • smokin some blueberry bubblegum sativa OG

  • ive been to CAs best meds. they got some bomb stuff. im glad they got san diego back on the map

  • one of my favorite strains. i normally dont remember the strain unless i had a good experiance with it and this was one of them

  • a 3:06 who else found themself with their head tilted and a bigass smile across the face

  • @23wnek23 I can't wait till my baby pops out of my uterus cause then I can watch these videos stoned like I used to….

  • 420 happy everyone
    i mean everyone 420 happy
    shit im already stoned -_>

  • thumbs up if u love these guys and u watch the vids stoned.

  • i think the blackout made the video more better,haha!

  • @DankFlyer kush=short compressed nugs, cali's finest ; )

  • Man That blackberry looks delicious, wish I can get my hands on those strains!

  • @DankFlyer lol i know right

  • awsome vid man if someone said blackberry kush wasnt good it definatly wasnt grown with care cause ive had some recently and it is a great strain sweet berry smell really tasty and the high is fantastic stay lifted dude peace & pot ,,/,

  • I just started watching your reviews today and I must say I am your biggest follower. Maybe one day I'll see you down the street and smoke you out 🙂

  • I'm fuckin stoned and when thodse damn lights went off I thought I had die..

    WTF am I sayin man

    Smoke forevor


    Man I love bud

  • HAHAHAH, now that is what I think a hit should be. So powerful that the power goes out. Nice one.