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Carmageddon Preparedness…

I went and picked up my carmageddon preparedness kit at St Andrews Green today in Los Angeles earlier today…


  • Man, I need me some Weed Porn now. Does anybody know of any good movies that start at a blowjob and end at a chick laying on the bed, slowly rolling a blunt (that's for the climax and the cleanex, of course ;))

  • that is a beautiful order better then x-mass lol

  • how much did that cost? holy hell thats a dream man

  • @241kyle they gave a thumbs down out of jealousy xD

  • :O!

  • Wat.

  • Damn! Talk about "I got the munchies".

  • Damn……

  • holy fuck.

  • Aussia is so f%#kin' hott!!!

  • how fucked up r u to give this shit a thumbs down..WTF is wrorng with ppl these days

  • This guy really likes white chocolate!!! And herb too…

  • what was the pricetag on that?

  • lmao

  • i think thats called overdose

  • Holy she-hit, never seen so much marijuana givin for a pickup. WOW

  • Why are all of your vids so CHEESY? You don't have to over do it everytime. How about acting like yourself once in a while. I really want to like this whole weedmaps tv thing but you and Justin are just too incredibly lame. I can tell you guys are newbs to the industry, by the way you act and the things you say. Please stop being so fake, and stop trying to act like you know anything about cannabis because you really don't.

  • i hate you.. not really hahah

  • Damn how much that cost?

  • holyshit