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Carib Creed T-Shirt – (

So this afternoon, Carib Creed Clothing sent over a giant box of goodies for me to do an unboxing with & wear over the next few months!! These are some of my absolute favorite “cannabis activist” clothing, as it’s quite affordable, but some great quality material & designs!! Hope you enjoy this unboxing!! ­čśŤ


  • Hey Josh! Just wanted to send out some good vibes ur way! I really appreciate ur videos. You always have a big smile, kind words & gr8 energy for ur viewers! It's really refreshing and uplifting. Awesome channel. Keep up the good works and big ups to u! One love. From DC… Blessings! ?´╗┐

  • Really like the whole shirt giveaway thing! You should do more!´╗┐

  • I enjoy your videos way too much? I stared not too long ago and already I've seen almost every strain review and unboxings of every single box ( kush cargo, dhc ÔÇŽect) keep at it dude´╗┐

  • I like your videos but you take to long to hit the oil rig sometimes lol´╗┐

  • whats the songs that he uses in the background?? great chill music´╗┐

  • Just followed Caribcreed. I live in California and like Canabis. Great video great show. CHEERS´╗┐

  • did they give u a discount code?´╗┐

  • Do u smoke papers qnd blunts´╗┐

  • Denver 5280´╗┐

  • why don't you do anymore weed challenges Josh??´╗┐

  • where do I order this box?´╗┐

  • Hey Josh! Do you check Instagram often? I tried to DM you on Twitter but it wouldn't let me because you don't follow me. I sent you a DM on Instagram with my shipping address but not sure if you got it. Is there another way you'd like me to contact you? And also thank you so much I'm so excited to receive that awesome shirt! Cheers josh ?´╗┐

  • I hate to be that guy asking you to check out their videos… But if you don't mind watching my shatter review and tell me what you think? I just wanna know if I have a chance of getting at least a few followers, don't get me wrong I love making videos, but why upload them here if nobody's going to watch them? So just let me know what you think thanks you!´╗┐

  • OMG I won!! ­čÖé I'll email you!´╗┐

  • go to Mr. Bill's of Buckley in buckley obviously lol they have amazing concentrates´╗┐

  • Batman was here ? Tangie´╗┐

  • I thought it meant dick head´╗┐

  • Love these shirts!! I hope to get some soon.´╗┐

  • do a review on kalifia kush wax´╗┐