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CARB CAP TIMEBOMB!! (Empire Wellness CBD)


I thought i’d try something super random today & try a timebomb with 3 different kinds of Empire Extracts CBD & some Refine Grape Alien!
This worked surprisingly well.. and definitely got the job done xD

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  • Rip


  • great video, cheers

  • I treat wax like it's gold, he's spooning it like it's sugar for his coffee.
    Edit: Not hating btw, love this shit.

  • Forget the drool. You know it was something serious when your nose starts running

  • "I showed you my dab plz respond"

  • idk how much was cbd but honestly looked like enough to get you and 6 of your friends baked as shit lol

  • Hey Josh, I’ve been a fan of the channel for a minute. I smoke along every time I can man, but I was wondering how come I haven’t ever seen you have a geeb on the channel? I don’t know what everyone else’s term for a gravity bong is but we call them geebs in my area. I know they are most certainly not the best way to smoke, but that’s the first thing I started smoking from. Just some food for thought.

  • Baby lungs

  • Wait is this Daniel Brian ?

  • Should have turned it upside i think it would have worked better more like a time bomb

  • Josh I got to get your opinion do you consider weed as a drug ?

  • Walker puffing

  • Would be cool if you grow a plant on you're own

  • Hey buddy nice video !. ✌

  • Do you get nervous?

  • Isso deve ser muito bom … É um sonho de consumo ….sempre quis, aqui no brazil, pra fumar um desse tem que ser rico kkk

  • Rip

  • When you rip fatter clouds outta a spoon pipe😂

  • GG when you move the nail outta the camera view because you can’t finish the dab 😂