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Cannalife Collective – Premium DispensaryTour – News Feb 13, 2013 – Visit our WeedMaps listing for current hours and menu.

Cannalife Collective
8940 National Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90034


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  • Too deep for the intro weedmaps got the best music´╗┐

  • Anyone who wants to can get a medical license can get it in the USA. Either they are 'hypochondriacs' or stoners who make up complaints.
    I am not saying Marihuana should be illegal though ­čśÇ ´╗┐

  • They take credit and debit cards sick man. You will always have weed lol´╗┐

  • Say…isn't that patient the villain from that awful Iron Man 2 movie. "I want my bird…….and cannabis"´╗┐

  • I'll come there just for you Yelena´╗┐

  • +niselat┬áyou have to be trolling´╗┐

  • 4 gram 8th simply means you get 4grams instead of 3.5 They hook you up.´╗┐

  • the way she said los angeles @ 2:02. true mexican mama right there.´╗┐

  • This is the chic Kendrick was talking about´╗┐

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  • Niselat I wanna personally congratulate you on best stoner troll xDl

  • oh i see, so you get a little more for the price of an eighth

  • en eight but .5 more kinda like a bakers dozen yo

  • What's a 4 gram eighth? can someone tell me

  • you dont know shit if you think marijuana is a dangerous narcotic that destroys lives. its sure as hell safer than alcohol which is proven to be more dangerous than heroin to the user and those around them. don't believe me? do some more research im sure youll come back with some more bullshit. your still a narrow minded fuck and that last comment only strengthened my point

  • So easy a caveman can do it.

  • Tanning

  • she ugly as fuck

  • question are all budtenders hot girls? i need to get my ass to Cali

  • And I get your point about trying to better the world and I totally agree, yet what are we doing? Sitting around on Youtube arguing over each other's opinions.. ­čśë