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Cannabis News – Welcome to Pinkleberry Paradise

After seeing a few images of their out-of-this-universe Pinkleberry, I knew this garden had to be shared with the world. Green Source Gardens was kind enough to invite me to their slice of paradise to share their beautiful garden and growing philosophies with the dedicated audience of Not only do they cultivate exotic and unique strains, but their cultivation practices are straight out of Mother Nature’s playbook…..

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Pinkleberry Paradise: A Tour Through Green Source Gardens

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  • mouthwatering.

  • Absolutely beautiful strain, backcrossed 4 times? Damn, I love everything about this clip and this farm. Cheers from Humboldt County, California!

  • besides the amazing color, my worst in my outdoor crop looked better then that on a shit cellphone pic.

  • utterly amazing

  • Whoa that is one beautiful strain! Kinda like my buckeye glue and so cal purple kush! They just radiate colors!!!!! Great vid!

  • Why so serious cuz you just dont get you keep it copacetic

  • Jummy…

  • Looks tasty

  • the flavour on sun grown cannabis is the best, testing shows it… even the cannabinoids are in a wider ratio, the only drawback is more plant matter but if its being extracted (used properly) plant matter should not be an issue

  • damn i would pay some good money for a cut of that pheno…

  • what a stunning cultivar

  • Yo anyone know the name of the artist that did the music in this video?

  • Me want… now

  • Beautiful

  • I want some.