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Cannabis News – Weed for Pets

Knowing how much we like to afford our pets the same quality of life we enjoy, it only makes sense that we’d want the best medicine for them as well. If a human chooses marijuana over opiate painkillers, it’s safe to say they would want the same option for their pet — so long as it was safe…..

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Is Medical Marijuana a Viable Option for Your Pet?

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  • my dog has chronic seizures. i tried giving him cbd pills and by golly, the results have been positive ever since.

  • Man, did I ever read the thumbnail wrong. I was like weed for a pet? The fuck is this!? lol

  • I advise people to research the affects of THC(not CBD) on dogs, ive heard that THC can be harmful to animals

  • weed is toxic and does kill pets you fucking idiots. ask any vet

  • Thanks for finally changing the music lol

  • dont let big pharma see this, they want a piece of the money

  • Here we go again pot is a cure for everything.stop fucking lying weed maps!

  • I have a JRT, she's been having seizures since she was a little Pup, I've been having her on a CBD dog treat from a company called Treatables for about 3 years now. My dog has been seizure free for almost 2 years since we've started her on them… CBD & All the different THC's are an amazing molecule ??

  • Of course. My dog loves to eat the stems

  • Did your funding get cut on actual people appearing in your videos or is this a way to save money and not pay people appearing in your videos? Lmfao

  • My cat smoke bud too! Ive had her since i was 3 now im 21 she loves a joint

  • No reason why we can get opiate prescriptions for animals but can't use cannabis!

  • Don't bogart that joint, Fido, pass it over to me… lol

  • Cannabis is good for all living creatures

  • I blow smoke in my dog's ear for pain and let her sleep good she's a 16 year old Chihuahua and hasn't died yet

  • I use it for my 9 year old lab. It is animal grade and was purchased at my local Medical Marijuana dispensary. I give it to him on days that he's not feeling his best. It does help!

  • I've read that cannabis is harmful to dogs/cats/etc. and this confuses me because this video doesn't do any explaining as to HOW it helps pets. Cannabis is great for people, but I'm skeptic about this expansion to the veterinary side of things