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Cannabis News – THC-A Crystalline: The Strongest Hash in the World?

Crystalline hash is the latest craze in the hash community, and everyone wants a taste. The demand is so high that THC-A Crystalline is going for $200 a gram in southern California dispensaries….

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THC-A Crystalline: The Strongest Hash in the World?

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  • I was told you don't dab this, and it's best in a bowl or piece. Anyone know if that's true?

    Also, it's steep to sell it for $200. Some clubs sell good wax at 80% + for 25, 30 a gram if you look well.

  • yea right 2 bills for a gram naaaaa im good

  • so many good uses for cannabis… yet they give it a bad reputation.

  • May I ask could anyone.. point me at a diy. Or how to make it? I have only seen it. Would love to know how. I am assuming Tom much. I don't have a clue.

  • no, nah, hell naw, fuck that……THIS is definitely gonna be on one of those 20/20 Inside Edition CNN specials that causes weed to STAY illegal and then have a war on Weed similar to the 80s. No keep that shit over there ?

  • It looks like meth

  • I feel like Gil should do a review…

  • We're doing to cannabis what we did to the coca leaf…

  • most people who smoke do it for rec reasons and those who need cannabis dont want it so strong! thats a novelty for stoners not patients

  • Let's see if I can be the first person to OD.

  • Looking like crack or meth up in this bih

  • Wow free basing shatter n oil now hash looking like crack. What's next

  • just more weed snob bullshit
    its real, but I'm pretty sure i can get higher from edibles. huge waste of money

  • there's 0 terps in there, so no way. PASSSSSS


  • I'd take 99.9% drysift over thc-a any day the terpenes are what modulate the high this stuff is like crack just a 15 min balls to the wall head rush nothing to enjoyable unless you sprinkle it on a bowl or other hashish to just give it a spike

  • Куда делся Джил?!
    Верните нам Джила!

  • reminiscent of DMT ?

  • smoke a fkn kush blunt. fuck outta here with everything else.