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Cannabis News – Studies Show: Marijuana Use can Reduce Body Fat

Not so long ago, I’m told, chronic marijuana use was thought to be inexorably linked to obesity, the munchies, and a dangerously elevated BMI. But thanks to the determined work of some tenacious researchers at The Journal Of Mental Health Policy and Economics, we now know that assumption to be loaded with variables…..

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New Research: Marijuana Use Can Decrease Your Body Mass Index

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  • 3 years ago I weighed in at 220 pounds shortly after I became an everyday smoker. I weigh in now at 165. No extra exercise or dieting. I haven't gained weight since I became an everyday smoker.

  • could be true but it doesnt help that it also counteract's the fat reducing process when u got the munchies!

  • Most potheads i know are skinny… kinda makes sense, but I have my grains of salt from last time.

  • Now thats why im so damn skinny…

  • I hate the stereotype of weed and munchies. Weed does not give me the munchies. I haven't had a pop tart in years :)

  • I've been 150 pounds for 20 yrs it's the weed

  • Now is that sativa or indica? Because I'm laaaazy af all the time cause I smoke indica

  • High eating Doritos watching this.

  • Not frequent use, daily use.. definitely a believer of this.

  • This is actually true.

  • and that's after the munchies lol

  • Correlation =/= Causation

  • It does before I started smoking bud I was at 200 and now I'm at 145 it doesn't hurt to try just drink ALOT of water also

  • 30 years using it and it hasn't reduced my body fat.seems like weed is a cure for everything.stop lying!

  • Less fat ???

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