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Cannabis News – States Vote to End Marijuana Prohibition

The five state marijuana legalization measures that voters are deciding on next month will have an impact far beyond the borders of California, Arizona, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada: If passed, they could lead to the end of the federal government’s war on cannabis as early as 2017….

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State Marijuana Votes Could End Federal Prohibition in 2017

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  • I already voted yes on proposition 64 here in California and know it will pass. I look forward to moving forward in this country

  • Keep Dreaming…..until the Governments can totally control cannabis, it will never be truly legal. People are still being arrested daily

  • NO THIS IS NOT legalization DUMBASSES NO ON 64 FUCK AUMA !!!!

  • Yes on Proposition 205!

  • Get your shit together USA.. the rest of the world counts on you!

  • UP !

  • As long as the crony-capitalism – that made the prohibition possible in the first place – still has its talons buried deep in the political system, such a change is very hard to achieve.
    Getting money out of politics is required to do so, because its the reason why its even illegal.

  • Hopeful for AZ but it seems unanimous. If enough people voted to legalize it medically then even more people are going to vote for recreational because it is in everyone's benefit instead of the benefit of those with medical problems. I know I didn't vote for medical because I was like "ill still have to go through a drug dealer if I want it because I have no medical issues". I'm not going to lie to get a script and a license. Plus I'm not paying for a license either. Now though it can effect me too therefore I'm interested in voting for it this time.

  • Amen!??????

  • Lolol anybody who thinks marijuana will ever be federally legal in the us

  • no on 64

  • VOTE no for California.

  • little do you know it will never be LEGALIZED PROP 64 is a shame just another way to crack down on those who consume mmj you get thrown in jail for smokeing with that one underage friend and get fined and a felony on your record wake up and vote no before its to late!!

  • its time we end this prehistoric law on weed prohibition

  • LIES. the Arizona bill does not mention the word legalize or legal anywhere. it's still criminalized

  • vote no in CA

  • i hope so, lets do it everybody lets end the criminalization on marijuana,let's make our country a better place 420 legalize world wide

  • It won't affect Louisiana, they are set in stone down there. I had to leave for Colorado.

  • Vote No