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Cannabis News – Oregon Outlaws “Girl Scout Cookies”

Yes, you did read that headline correctly.

Last Friday, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission announced that effective immediately, “kid-friendly” strain names will be outlawed in the recreational market.

This new rule comes despite the fact that Oregon recreational cannabis is only sold in very secure facilities 1,000 feet away from schools or parks. Only adults 21 and over may enter Oregon’s recreational shops, where all products must be sold in child-resistant packaging……

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Oregon Outlaws “Girl Scout Cookies”

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  • just change the name


  • This is why Washington is better.

  • This is why Oregon will never be on par with Washington, or Colorado.

  • they really banned the Charlotte's Web Strain.? dumbasses

  • Were gill at

  • Can you just call it GSC?????? Just make the name gsc. How hard could that be? This is gsc. What? Yes that's the name gsc.

  • what in the fuck

  • damnnn girl scout cookies my fav…

  • No need to strain your brain on a strain name just come up with something plain Jane.

  • most stupid thing ive ever seen!!!! and typical of cynical vindictive american buerocracy!!! do they think people wont just rename the strains?? are they that stupid?? btw GSC is the best weed ive ever had, and i got it right there in downtown portland

  • what a crock of shit. what's next they gone ban gaming apps like trivia crack? GTFOH

  • just rename it lol

  • how the fuck is 3 olives an advertisement for kids?

  • Fuck America's cannabis anything. Just fucking stop and let people grow a fuckin plant in their yard, jesus its so simple….

  • thats some bw

  • I'd find this kinda reasonable, IF there wouldnt be such a hipocrisy concidering alcoholic beverages…
    Legalise federally, with regulations and all. Problem(s) solved.
    I mean, here in Europe you can get bubble-gum for kids wrapped up to look like cigarettes, on purpose…THAT is a problem…

  • We want Strain Showcase by Gil!

  • That's strange

  • So lawmakers think kids are they gonna eat it thinking its supposed to taste like cookies? Thats dumb AF.