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Cannabis News – Federal Marijuana Laws Likely to Change

President Obama says that federal laws banning marijuana will likely have to change if new states vote to legalize the drug on Tuesday….

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Obama: Federal Prohibition Not ‘Tenable’ After State Marijuana Votes

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  • This video is most likely more Democratic propaganda. Obama could have been talking about anything in this video as there were never any direct statements concerning cannabis at all.

  • Yeah, well he didn't make the CHANGES he was elected for in the first place. If he had shown that he had the balls to make reasonable changes then we could already have been 4-8 years down this road of change. The fact that legalization has not been mandated from the feds and that this futile drug war continues to be an issue in 2016 is ludicrous and asinine ! Wake the fuck up people !!!!!

  • I heard from several sources on Instagram that Weedmaps is "for" "Prop 64 " and AUMA… if thats true then I say fuck you Weedmaps you fuckin BOZO,pussy sloutchy motgerfuckers…???????

  • Yeah not going to happen anytime soon if Hillary gets elected #HillaryForPrison2016

  • puts more people in jail than Bush and says it will change, fuck outta here

  • legalize the thing.

  • i hope it doesn't pass that shit is a scam

  • awww such great incite from the most violent president ever..gets the nobel peace prize, goes on to bomb 7 countries illegally.. 8 fukn years youve been the president and in that time.. how many grow operations have been busted, how many people jailed for weed, how many legal patients raided for their LEGAL grow op, how many dispensaries have been raided.. 8 fukn years.. and in his last month as president.. he starts saying this shit.. how about.. talk is fukn cheap you coconut.. actions speak louder than words so do something about it you fukn hypocrite

  • I could make videos for Weedmaps TV 1000 times better than this with my eyes closed! Legalize it

  • Gmo weed coming to a city near you

  • History books will see 2016 as the tipping point for cannabis legalization. If just California goes legal, federal legalization will have to be taken seriously since 1-in-8 Americans will now have access to weed???

  • man I don't think so.I think that they aren't really gonna have a choice if you wanna make America great again! third comment baby :)

  • reread that unlikely as the two candidates are pro prohibition….

  • First comment

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