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Cannabis News – Can You Bring Marijuana on a Plane?

As sunshine from the dawn of legalization creeps across the U.S., Canada, and other parts of the world, a curious question remains unanswered. 

Does Airport Security Care About Marijuana? anonymously contacted airport law enforcement in the Los Angeles, San Francisco and Denver airports to ask if someone who had their MMJ prescription could make it through security with marijuana. The answers received emulate…….

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Can You Bring Marijuana on a Plane?

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  • It's still ILLEGAL FEDERALLY remember that every one. No state owns the sky but the government does. So they'll look for other criminal charges so keep that in mind. I'd take edible gummy treats on my flights

  • Good to know.. goin back home from Denver to Ft. Worth and was wondering about that

  • So Colorado to Oregon would be fine? Or maybe Washington to Oregon? What if it's Rec? This video made more questions than gave answers.

  • If yü want to travel across 'merca with weed take a fucking train, the trains in this country suck and they treat you like shit but no questions and no bag searches, don't belive all the bullshit on the amtrak website, i travel by train ALL DE TIME and have never seen a drug dog in an amtrack station, pigs yes but no drug dogs, I have never had a problem. Free advice, you can take it or leave it, makes no difference to me

  • lmao because weed is so dangerous, weed being illegal shows how retarded we are as a species.

  • Silly slaves, only the federal government is allowed to transport marijuana on planes.

  • i like. how. they. say. yet. fucking positive attitudes right. Tennessee will never allow it!

  • if hillary gets elected 100% chance we got 4 more years of it being illegal

  • Anq

    water is wet, fire is hot.

  • What about bongs?

  • No shit

  • Na

  • Yall gotta stop using these weird ass instrumentals. Sounds like some shit that would be playing if i were watching a video on UFO sightings.