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So recently it’s been brought to my attention that not everyone was aware of a condition called “cannabis hypermesis syndrome” which is essentially an extremely rare form of cannabis toxicity. It’s not all too common, but it’s nice to know that it exists!!!

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  • I had hypermesis syrome and i felt like I had extreme anxiety.

  • Josh I Think I Have Chs Ive Been Throwing Up Since June 18th Like How Its Explained. I Went To The hospital on the at night on the 20th and even when i was in the waiting room my mom asked if i wanted to try a piece a musketeer and it was a small piece like the size of a thumb and i even threw that up Ive Only Been Smoking Weed For Like 2 or 3 Years Daily

  • Its not 1 out of 100,00. almost all of my daily smoker friends have had this at least once throughout the years. I find when you smoke all day it messes up your stomach and appetite which causes the morning symptoms.

  • I dig your new profile picture homie.

  • What if I just took one good dab hit from my pen, and I start seeing things in different perception like an alternate reality. I was panicking really bad and my heart was racing and I felt extremely numb I started to hallucinate really bad…. It was hard for me to sleep and I was sweating in my sleep or when I tried to. I felt as if I were to let myself go then I would pass out and not wake up. And to throw it out there I had take 20 milligrams of adderal maybe like 10 hours ago I believe? But this "high" felt too real and intense to where I couldn't balance my self and if I ate I would want to throw up but I didn't so I'm really confused can someone please help me

  • I've been sick for 2 weeks, went to the er 4 times first they said I had colitis, last visit they said I might have CHS. I've been smoking non stop for 6 years started with weed, then wax became popular. recently over the last couple of months I've smoked almost a half gram a day. I'm so sick! I haven't slept in 4 days, anxiety attacks, neaseous, vomitimng , headaches hot/cold flashes, yellow liquid stool, heartburn. I still feel a little shitty in the shower but it helps I guess. thank you for your video it relaxed me and I really needed it. i hope no one gets this cuz it sucks so bad

  • I have this. And it is terrible. Finding it hard to quit smoking. 1/1000 chronic users

  • i take a super tiny piece of an edible in the morning to kinda keep me going throughout the day , then before i go to bed i vape a tiny bit of a Indica strain to help with sleep and relaxation. You're right josh, moderation is key,especially with anxiety conditions. If people would just understand that they just need a little bit to calm the nerves . I have chronic back pain , low blood sugar, anxiety, and stress , if a couple of puffs off of my vape eases all of that i am sure it can ease anyone else.

  • I’m the first in line to say that natural remedies are bogus and only offer a temporal solution. That’s what I used to think till I googled “Nemery Thentel” as I was advised. I had nothing to lose after all, years wasted away getting baked. I’m happy to say I’m myself again and wouldn’t do it any other way.

  • Unfortunately I have this… It is horrible..

  • I've just been diagnosed with CHS and I've only been a chronic smoker for a little over year.

  • I only smoke at night now

  • This ruined my life for 3 years! Somethings this guy didn't mention is you can't eat. You vomit all the time! Like 15x a day. I was down to 95 lbs. but a doctor finally figured it out and now I just smoke way less per day. I do still have tummy pains every morning but no vomiting at all and if I get bad again I know now what is causing it and I will stop again for awhile. Just want others to know about it. Because when I first started having this pain my doc mentioned it could be the weed but I didn't believe him. Took 3 years and lots of different docs to finally figure it out.

  • so is it bad to smoke everyday? weed has always interested me, although i dont smoke.

  • cannabis hypermesis syndrome haha people are now giving this credibility? This is nothing new, but it has always been laughed off as another means of suppressing the truth and keeping cannabis illegal as a medicine.

    Plus, what if you don't smoke? I never smoke weed, or anything. I rarely consume plant matter, but sometimes I do vaporize plant matter. I mostly dab, so very little plant matter or unwanted garbage and no smoke, just vapor.(Trust me, I am low temp all the way).

    What if you only eat Cannabis, or use salves/lotions/creams?

    Let's be real, smoking is not healthy, and is totally unnecessary and rather ineffective when compared to the alternatives. I am highly suspect of the smoke being of greater damage than any cannabinoids.

    Just seems like all they came up with was a scary name and several vague symptoms that many people are common to have, especially those with shit habits and diets. Where is the research, and where was it done? Because it has been nearly impossible to get the DEA to approve any research of cannabis for decades.

    "Question everything", Right? :p

    Not saying it doesn't exist, but like I said, the research of cannabis in this country has been so regulated and controlled that very little has been done, and when it is done it is only done to try and find the negatives. That is changing, and then we can hopefully really discover the many unknowns of this medicine though the means of many, thorough studies, not one done in Austrialia, which was only a correlational study.

  • I'm 16 and was diagnosed with cannainoid hyprermesis syndrome a month ago and have been sober for 3 weeks.. the amount of pain i was in because of chs was overwhelming i was sent to the ER many times because i would vomit for weeks straight and was losing concerning amounts of weight. Marijuana was important to me it was the only thing that helped my anxiety i smoked on a daily basis for about 2 years the hot showers only work for so long sadly quitting is really the only option when it comes to chs

  • i got CHS about 4 times and i had to go to the hospital most of the times because of non stop vomiting
    and it happend in like 6 month span each right now i havent smoked for about a year and im really scared to smoke again because of how shity i felt

  • Dude smoking more weed when you have this syndrome is going to be the one thing that keeps you feeling sick and that you don't want to do. As soon as I stopped smoking for 1-2 days I instantly started feeling better. I've been smoking 4 ounces a month for a few years now and now I'm quitting for good! This syndrome is the worst I've ever felt in my entire life! I'd suggest you put an annotation over the part of the video where you suggest that more weed will give you relief it actually keeps you sick I promise. It's been 22 days of pure hell and as soon as I stopped smoking the symptoms started fading.

  • What gastrointestinal disease do you have? I have crohn's disease really bad and I am trying to use cbd for it. I bought some +Plus CBD oil concentrate and smoked it in a dab rig and it made me feel like crap.

  • I just got diagnosed with this 3 days ago, worst news of my life. Been smoking 5 years and If I don't smoke I get withdrawals of the like of a heroin addict. Does anybody know if it ever goes away?