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A bit late, but I took yesterday to just relax and do nothing! 😛 I had an awesome time at the cup and met a ton of rad people! I decided to try and do some smoke tricks with the Cavi Cones also.. I guess it kind of worked..? Haha


  • Took a big rip out of my bubbler when you took that 3 combo. Great video btw!

  • You got it kid 100K easy

  • cheers bro

  • thanks for the vid and hope you stay safe and stay medicated 

  • That tank for your torch with the stickers. Do you never use that or is it some special refillable tank? My tanks that size run out in no time, so I'd never slap a bunch of sweet stickers on them, hah.

  • Jolie Olie status on that combo!

  • Is there any point for a non medical user to go? I know its legal for rec use, but the laws are so F'ed there it seems kinda pointless. I don't know how its enforced or anything at the Cannabis Cup, since you can't have weed in public, you cant share with friends, etc, etc.

    Oregon's looking to do it right though, that's what I'm holding out for.

  • Cheers

  • you and pothead 702wso are my favorite pothead channels now lol 

  • it looked really fun, glad you had an awesome time!