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It’s challenge time again! You guys suggested the other day, that I consume cannabis in as many different forms as possible… So I figured i’d do exactly that! 😛

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  • Hey bro I would like to see the aftermath after you get it so I am fucked up thank you keep it up

  • So when did he pass out?

  • kush coma

  • please do the 5000 mg vid!!!!!

  • Hey, stoners. I had a quick question that I'm sure someone much smarter than me has the answer to. I've been using a straight tube/beaker bong. For whatever reason I've been having issues getting the smoke to stack. It's all just milking up in the bottom and turning yellow real quick. Any tips?

  • I started laughing in the middle of the video I swear I'm not high I just started laughing hysterically

  • I feel like you should redo this with more indica

  • Josh, why aren't you using that lighter case the way its designed? If you feed the wick through the hole you can extinguish the flame way easier?

  • eye drops with thc

  • my tolerance is so low it only takes one hit on a spoon to be completely rekt, and my tolerance doesn't go up either. it helps with conservation alot

  • anybody else instantly think of Kush Coma?

  • I cringed when he danced

  • I want that shirt. where'd you get it?

  • You look like the singer of Fleet Foxes

  • kudos for controlling and surpressing the cough very impressive

  • ur eyes when u come ur ridiculousy higb you have to hell think what ur talking brah

  • here in Phoenix, Arizona I get edibles 300mg for 10$. caregiver

  • It doesn't count dude! you have a STRONG tolerance towards THC so small doses won't do shitt to you, for weed addict you need a LARGER doses to even call it a challenge. Plus the Point of Weed to to feel good not to get lot of THC without any purpose and ending up with panic attacks.

  • Do the challenge again with indica strains. TkEZ»UK.xx

  • try my grass and it will be lights out for you