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Cannabinoid Profile: Cannabinol Take a closer look at Cannabinol (CBN) and how it is synthesized through the Cannabis plant. Subscribe to @SantaCruzLabs to receive notifications of all the newest videos!


  • CBN is actually not scheduled so its technically legal, i think

  • Watch the orig cancer cure in full high and again with your plan to help people whether days, months later the distilling best way/s.. Then action to help people and animals." Seriously )0(

  • Barbra Streisand

  • is there a plant that on average has a higher cbd rate …then others…i get so damn parinoid on weed…i want to get off efexor and ativan …friends of mine used weed to get off this ..but i can't smoke it ..i think the fact that alll the weed you can buy in my area are grown indoor with high thc content

  • its funny hoe bcd will never be legal and its so safe.meby just legalize cbd, and make a hemp bud subsitute,but that will never happen.

  • right on! i like cbn. lots of medicinal value cuz the body could rest and sleep, the only time it heals itself. when its resting and or sleeping. can anyone swing by the lab?

  • @purefigha101 You're welcome to swing by and check out the lab sometime if you'd like! 831, all day!

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  • Thank god, Educate, Regulate, Medicate

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  • Thank you for posting an informative video that is correct! Please keep the cannabinoid profiles coming!

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  • hey scientist mop this shit up. i'll be right back