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18+older. Some amazing gummy bots, bliss bits, cake, my favorite concentrate, and a TWAX JOINT!




  • hello, i'm french viewer. how to buy the bag marijuana california ? thanks

  • I want to try weed candy but I live in Oklahoma we don't have weed store's yet I have to get my weed on the street

  • love the vids bro. why do you not like joints? any specific reason?

  • Where do you live fam? I feel like you're in California.

  • Great video man!

  • I feel like cake now

  • +t loc it's butane hash and oil

  • +t loc it's oil with like 80% thc 20%wed

  • +t local

  • Dude I was watching this one video and they got this fire shit called electric lady, this shit is FIRRRRRREEEEEEEE, real thick smoke nice tricomes it's not sticky man you gotta try this shit

  • bro when we going to get to see you on breal tv that would be cool bro you guys could do the hot box it would be funny as hell bro

  • this fool getting annoying now lol

  • It looks like u were strugglin to get them down

  • B vax and a jont cheers, all the fking time er hrard it omge fking crackheaf

  • I feel sorry for him :S He will be stuck with that image for life.

  • How do you make the bong noise.. Please make a video

  • Dude ur eating so many edibles u must be skyrocketed

  • Am I the only one that cracks up when jolie says "Fillltthhhyyyy"

  • Damn I bet you were gone after the video??

  • he likes to suck on hard candies lol