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CANCUN! – (SC Life #3)


So Kristen & I took a trip to Mexico for a week for a vacation, so I decided we’d do a vlog of a few days!! It was one of the most relaxing trips i’ve taken in quite a good while πŸ˜›

Song – “Outasight – Anchor Down”

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  • that's so cool you and Kristen are traveling together make memories bruddah!✌ peace from FL

  • dudeee!! im local here in cancun hit me up!

  • i went parasailing while i was in cabo. was really fun.

  • damn son, I'm Mexican but I'm currently living in New York, it would have been way to fun too see you in Cancun

  • Please wife this beautiful lady Josh

  • 2:21 LMAO

  • I lived in mexico for a few months when i was a kid. Despite the negative reputation, Mexico is a beautiful country

  • That looks like The Grand Bahia Principe resort. Am I right

  • Dude I was there last summer it's amazing there

  • We will be here in a couple weeks. Thanks for the footage!

  • How tall are you?

  • Dude! I went to playa de carmen and they called me mr whiskers as well.

  • U made Mexico look not fun and yes if you come to Texas you will see our chip game is on point!! You live in a white state bro of course flavors there would be bland and suck

  • good choice of music bra beach looks dope also

  • I never realized how good your videos are as your high???

  • Calm down Josh… We DO have beards in Mexico XD I'm glad you enjoy your trip, next time look for beaches like zepolite or mazunte I know you're going to love them!!!

  • Hey Josh you should do a review on Mexican brick weed


  • Very nice πŸ™‚