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So I partnered with the guys over at Catalyst energy to do a video on their mints! They wanted me to do some testing and see if their mints got me any higher. After weeks of testing, here are my results! πŸ˜›

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  • Long comment but bare with me. It takes an edible 45 mins to hit me on an empty stomach, weed drink takes 23 mins to hit me, I have never done a tincture (lets just say it takes 15 mins). Can you please do a video where you eat an edible at time 0, at time 22 minutes later you have a weed drink, at time 30 minutes take a tincture, and then wait until you feel the high start to kick in then you take a dab. Ive done it with the edible, drink, and bong rip and it was pretty much the highest/unfunctional that I have ever been.

  • YOOO Josh, I never dabbed before and I think it would be really dope if you made a video on some "first time dabber" advice! Love your videos, peace!!

  • how long does it take for a hemper box to arrive usually?

  • I've heard energy supplements actually get rid of your high

  • Joshhhh what happened to your arm lol

  • strain review plz?

  • watching while eating cannabis infused brownies πŸ™‚

  • Intro is always annoying as usual

  • I didn't know caffeine promotes a high. Thanks!

  • Uncle Sam cutting a check

  • I tried this with viter energy mints about a year ago. They do boost ur high. Not by a shot ton but it definitely adds 2 the effect bc of how much caffeine each 1 has.

  • question. if buying a gram of weed (yes that is a good bit if weed) for 10 dollars, when you can grow just one plant and even if you get a ok yield you will get about 100 grams.

  • Looked Baked before the vid started haaa

  • Do different Percs do different things? and if so which is "the best"?

  • ate oh won

  • actually a lot of energy drinks have less caffeine than coffee? energy drinks r a joke, just drink some coffee

  • tf is your hand bro

  • you hit 400k!! congrats!!!

  • ya what happened to your arm josh

  • Was gonna buy some just to cut out energy drinks but they cost about the same as a can per mint and 1 can is nearly 3 mints worth of caffeine