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California State of Mind with Joel Tudor

Cruise through this segment with Long Board and Jiu Jitsu champion Joel Tudor as he gives his perspective on the stigma of cannabis in sports.

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  • 🙂

  • Lets get a video for Alex19!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wehre da Heck is Micha?

  • Burn one for this guy. Incredible style! Mr Tudor.

  • Yet our politicians STILL have their heads jimmied SO far up their own asses….

    Bunch of FUCK BOYZ out in Washington..

  • Nice video

  • Joel seems like a nice guy. would love to share a bowl and talk about life.

  • I left an honest/bad review on a collective in Mission Hills, CA.  The collective knew where I worked, because I would go in after work dressed in my company's uniform, and they actually broke HIPPA laws and called my employer and let them know I was a medical marijuana patient.  My honest/bad/real review was removed, which is BS that collectives can have bad reviews removed(probably for a fee from Weedmaps) and I still am unemployed.