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Cali Elite Dispensary Tour – Premium Green Dispensary Tour Visit our WeedMaps listing for current hours and menu.

Cali Elite Collective
11512 Magnolia Ave. Suite #105, Garden Grove, CA 92841
Sun – Wed 10am to 10pm, Thur – Sat 10am to 11pm

Take an inside look at the inner workings of this top notch dispensary. Learn why they are so compassionate as they present to you some of their finest medicine. Make sure to check out their WeedMaps listing for a complete list of all their medication, as well as current store hours and any specials they may have!


  • can I get a recommendation to purchase even then I live in an illegal state?

  • Everyone is complaining about no gloves, Does your dealer wear gloves when he weighs your shit? highly doubt it and its not only his hands that it's prob touched.

  • My dealer has danker weed than this. And it's cheaper. If I buy a 50 sack he will give me about 8 grams. It's not shitty weed either its gorilla glue, white widow, blue haze and shit like that.

  • grats on selling poison BHO to unsuspecting chumps. fuck you guys

  • u like wax but it is tane wax and your eights are 45 sorry but thats all a huge rip off

  • elite? the elite nugs are on display. what they actually give you is not the same quality. reason dispensaries are not so great unless you have a lot of money to blow on overpriced mids.

  • Strawberry Cough is a Sativa.

  • Nice looking store. Don't think too much for your Budtenders. They shouldn't use their bare hands to take buds from the jar and then put it into the med container. And since you have to weigh everything, why not clean up your scale a little, instead of having weed all on it. It adds weight to the order. I know I am picky, but if you are going to sell your weed for high prices, then I expect better handling. You got to care about the cannabis, not just treat it like it's just a money maker for you.

  • 10 dollar gs nice

  • an obvious rip off

  • talking about pain management and then you have a gang banger full of tats come in… kind of sounds like bs.
    Im for legal weed for recreational but lets not look like bullshitters.

  • Im in Ireland and its €25 for 1g -1.5g and €50 for 2g-3g. I buy roughly a quarter weekly(€100-€125 FYI) so Im 100% sure of the prices so to the guy getting an 8th for £15(€20-25) over here,that's bullshit and if you were from Ireland you'd at least use the right currency. 

  • All that weed looks so yummy. I had to come too a place that says "no Jerry, we are a federally funded place you cant smoke weed here. So that sucks bigtime, :(. Wishen somebody would come kidnap me. I make like 1900 bucks a month. I was a boilermaker before and they still hook me up. Come get me. PLEASE

  • me 2.. sucks ass

  • nugporn lol

  • 🙂

  • I live right down the street. (: