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Thought i’d do a quick haul showing all the things I snagged from the recreational dispensary, while explaining how the recreational system works here in Washington! 😛

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MAILING ADDRESS for pictures, letters, and packages
2602 S. 38th St. PMB#138
Tacoma, WA 98409


  • I have never seen anyone do a quality review of "SinMint Cookies" – I think that is what I have, and it really energizes me, gets me up and moving, and puts me in a motivational mood. I love it. Would love to see you do a review of this.

    Also, do you have a donation link? I bet your Twitch page has one, might put it in YT descriptions too?

  • "My name is Josh" – proper english.
    "My name, would be, Josh" – not so much :D

  • the rec stores need to recycle by using jars instead of baggies

  • I think I'm ok with my state not legalizing recreational. We get grams at $10 (although we don't always know what it is we're getting and rarely get the opportunity to choose) and we're not getting taxed for it. Many cops around my town, and most people in general don't even care if you smoke. If my state legalized recreational, it could cause our dealers to sell for more. If we legalized medical though, not only would many people be benefitted by marijuana treatment, but it shouldn't affect the overall market too much.

  • You sound like Christopher Walken

  • What is Cbd?

  • You didnt say but was it any good? Did it get you high? You just said it looked good. Please let me know ive tried 3 different recreational stores where i live and their weed didnt get me high. I also live in washington state. Thank you Josh.

  • god damn thats high. prob worth it though. what are the medical prices?

  • What is Candyland crossed with a male Mango called? Great info! Thanks

  • Nice vid Josh….I live in Spokane and the rec shop I go to lets me smell the weed before I buy it :)

  • I can get 5gs of fire for 50, damn

  • HEY JOSH…….Great video!!!!

  • the shops that i go to in WA have each of the different bud out that you can smell and really get a good look at. its pretty awesome

  • OMG legal weed is soo expensive !

  • "This is like my own version but just way cooler cuz we're reviewing weed stuff"??

  • "This is like my own version but just way cooler cuz we're reviewing weed stuff"??

  • question, why do some of my med. containers say that smoking this weed could cause lung infection ?

  • finish that good bud

  • AWWWW FUCK. I'm 24.

  • $40 for 1/2 gram of oil? I think maybe you'd be better off making your own.