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I stopped though a local recreational shop earlier and snagged a bunch of different oils! I thought i’d explain some genetics, than dab all of them at the same time! 😛

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  • $60 a gram wtf

  • I love you so much ur so cool good vibes all around ??

  • holyyy shieet that was fat lol

  • dude, i have the exact same shirt u're wearing in this vid man haha cheers

  • Why would any terminally ill patients care about what pesticides are used? As long as it relieves their pain I'm sure they aren't too worried seeing as terminally ill means they're going to pass away..

  • Bro I can get a g of wax in PA for $40 how is it $65 in Seattle ???

  • Lol

    Here in Vancouver you can get shatter for about 40 a gram at any dispensary and the shatter is insanely good.

  • $60 gram not ridiculous hahahah i can get "clear" for less then 20!

  • Bro, you should of weighed the dab.

  • Started making my own extracts this week, and began dabbing for the first time time this morning when a dab rig I ordered arrived. Gotta say, I think I'm already a convert!

  • Can you do a vid on moxy wax live resin and regular wax like talking on the differences

  • 60 dollars a gram fuck that thats ridiculously expensive

  • Tha face at 6:30 haha?? massive inhale

  • dam he was WASTED as fuck lmao!!

  • Dealing with social interaction is healthy for people with social anxiety. We need that kind of experience as much as we can get it, even if we dislike it

  • 37% Cannabis tax? JFC! It's no wonder the black market is still there.

  • holy shit amazing hit man keep up the videos an hits like that haha cheers for that one

  • Lol

    Hey Josh would u help a fellow stoner out by explaining if dabs are bad for your health.

  • josh, about how much more are you paying for that oil? I know you said you got it for 60 a gram, but how much would similar quality oil cost with the old medical system? (obviously it depends on the dispensary of course)

  • holy shit.. that dab was hugeee