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Burning Treezzz Delivery Service

Take a tour of the deliver service Burning Treezzz in Costa Mesa!


  • thats a peice of fiber from a sofa

  • it will happen

  • that's a pipe dream.

  • are you still on weedmaps?

  • At 0:51 look at that nasty pube on their "meds". JUNK. Hey Gill put it on ur head bud!!!

  • Oh man how cools that, legal weed deliveries

  • They arrived the EXACT same time the pizza guy was there, the pizza guy said he smoked to which was pretty badass

  • I'm waiting for the day when we see commercials like this on national TV

  • so lucky wish it was like this in england

  • Make Them Buckz bOOYYY…

  • Just like Green Closet Delivery Services in Riverside! They are the same type of thing..also on!

  • @TGracia93 It'd have to be a late night commercial and have a age warning like this video does.

  • Is this seriously the name of a fucking delivery service? jesus fuck

  • it's beautiful

  • Can a nigga get a job!?!

  • I wish we had service like this up here in Canada. You guys got it good in California, every time I see this weed in 1080p I jizz my pants!

  • 30 minutes delivery time,,,fuck,, thats quicker than dominos

  • Do u deliver to Australia…ill have a shipping container thanx to go..!!!!

  • Kudos to Cali – great ad.

  • song?