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Bullrider Strain/Sushi Pairing Join Tang, Gil and Juan from Santa Ana Superior Care as they attempt, for the first time in recorded history, to pair sushi with specific strains of medical marijuana. What sushi goes best with the San diego Bullrider? Tune in and find out…


  • They ate Tuna when they said they were going for Salmon smh.

  • Ya, we been getting baked and eating sushi since 02…

  • I have no idea why I laughed so damn hard at that xDDDDDD

  • hahahah fucking genius, Sushi and Cannabis

  • shushi and weed is like cheese and wine.

  • Didnt have time to read all the comments but someone told me way back that eating and smoking causes/can cause cancer of the esophageal/digestive tract. Gil Tang Juan please be careful. I know this was a spot to announce partnerships and what not (the restaurant gets great publicity too) but I dont think its worth the risk/counter medicinal to show connoisseurs alternating eating and taking back to back rips. 

  • Sweet then as a stoner I have grown up haha

  • lol wtf this video so weird and random ahahah wtf I don't get it, matching weed with sushi? Like matching wine with dinner? The difference is wine is still a drink.. weed's weed… I never like to smoke while I'm eating, It's eat and then smoke or smoke and then eat ^.^ 

  • you ever smoke raw fish, yo?

  • its kind of odd they filmed this if you go hang out with ur friends and eating and smoking im pretty sure they dont want to do a youtube video the whole time notice the akwardness

  • sushi is so fuckin dank when im faded! :]

  • 2:40 lol

  • damn, i wanna eat sushi right now *O°

  • how could he betray chubbs and cpa!!! hahaha jk 

  • @ooDeadP00loo Fish that is very fresh ( and by fresh I mean they were swimming not more than 10 hours ago) have layers of subtle flavour that the sensory enhancement effects of marijuana brings out beautifully.

    Best meal I ever had while medicated was a full five course Fugu ( Blowfish) meal in Tokyo, though – I have to admit – Fugu has a sweeter flavour when tempura'ed and deep fried, than raw, but is excellent raw as well.

  • jaun jaun jaun jaun…your cool 😀 i like to smoke also!!!

  • what instrumental is that with that laughing part?!

  • Gil you need to go to CPA Nuggetry hit up chubbs at marijuana reviews thats his youtube name 

  • wanna bang clazina soooo bad!!

  • How come everyone hates on these guys? Give up hecklers and try some OIL for a change, the schwagg is doing you guys no good.