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BudTrimmer – Available Now on Google Play!

Bud Trimmer is a kushy action game filled with sparkly, crunchy and satisfying nugs of everyone’s favorite plant — cannabis sativa! Become the ultimate Bud Trimmer by cutting through leafy dense buds of God’s Gift, OG Kush and more! Compete with your friends to earn the most amount of Kush Kash to obtain fun and powerful in-game unlocks. Coming Soon!


  • I wish they would fix the store on the game

  • For people who smoke weed, you guys are dicks.

  • Lame i dont wanna do tjos in real life why in a game dumb dumb

  • Hell yes! I want to play

  • fruit ninja weed efition

  • trimming gets boring after 15 min though

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  • Why no available on apple?

  • this is terrible. an absolute disgrace to all the hard work and progress the cannabis community has made.

  • FUCK YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fruit ninja rip off. I love weed but this is gay…

  • I wanna save the trim for BHO! lol

  • its like fruit ninja with weed

  • LOL I will play that game. Looks like fun.

  • Nug ninja!!!

  • what do we cut in the game? cuz it dont look like buds to me, more like green pinecones :]

  • Hmmm

  • its always about the money….

  • is this a late April fools joke?..

  • can someone say "lawsuit"