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Sooooo to probably nobody’s surprise, I hurt myself again.. lol but we’ve got a ton of content on the way!!



  • oh dude, bad break huh?
    but I'm sure it won't stop you from toking n joking
    keeping the public a happy and healthy domain of marijuana gasoline food industry
    right now I'm so stoned
    i'mma go drive skin around the table.

  • You should learn to walk on your hands during these tough times

  • I feel ya bro I broke my ankle at work it sucks, also get overwatch

  • Wait Josh ur foot is why ur not posting bruh ur feet are never in any of ur videos your trippin

  • Dam get better soon

  • bro :c

  • Damn I'm lucky I landed on my leg funny off my pennyboard, and it hurt a lot. But it wasn't fractured luckily and that surprised me. Hope your leg gets better man.

  • Plss do a review on the Open vape pen 2.0! I heard it's one of the best dab pens out there and I see it everywhere now

  • smoke weed and dab everyday. ( edibles at night )

  • Broke my foot bowling once. I blame alcohol though.

  • Got damn I need another video

  • damn that sucks bro

  • Greasier by the day eewww

  • have you ever had fairy dust 94.9%THC holly cow spokane wa DA BOMB

  • Hey native speakers. I´m from Germany, big fan and have a short question: what does he say at the beginning of each video? I understand "my name will be Josh" but that doesn´t make sense to me.

  • Sure u need pockets on these things. Where else to put ur vaporizer?

  • I heard recently that cannabis can cause Cardiomyopathy which is a condition that weakens the heart muscle and may lead to arrhythmias and sudden death from cardiac arrest. Unfortunately, this could lead me to stop consuming cannabis and I hope that's not the case. Could you please look into it? thanks. Get well soon 🙂

  • So now you use 2 kinds of crutches 🙂

  • good think you're on the road to recovery brother.glad to see youre still doin some vids

  • Get better bro 😀