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Brian Vicente Interview – Amendment 64 Update – News Mar 20, 2013 – Gil meets up with Brian Vicente to get an update on Amendment 64– the positive effects of today and the potential for tomorrow.


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  • brian is so hot

  • My bad man what I said was completely uncalled for and there is no excuse for what I said. My apologizes. I don't know what was going through my head when I said that. To be completely honest it doesn't sound like something I would say.

  • weed maps is everywhere there is clinics

  • You and me both brother are anticipating legalization. Australia will probably take longer than NZ, you guys are legalizing gay marriage over there.

  • 18 for a rifle, 21 for a handgun

  • at what age can you own a gun in the us? i bet its under 21. anyway. it will be years before MJ is legal in new zealand. still plenty of coin to be made!!!

  • eh, think what you want. i was just trying to make the point that your argument was a little extreme. How exactly am i a psychopath? and how would one diagnose that from the ten words i have said to you ever? Have you even tried Cannabis? or are you just here because you saw a video about Cannabis and your government brainwashed mind wanted to "intervene before all us stoners hurt ourselves duuuur". You're a grown man, we shouldn't have to expound this to you, do your own thinking please.

  • The War on drugs is such a waste of money when its directed towards marijuana they should just let states choose if they want to have it allowed or not to create more jobs

  • weed need all 50 states on board .. i just wish Washington state would let us grow like Colorado… gil you rock

  • fuck it lets just get high!

  • i feel as if ohio will be one of the last… fuck

  • It's inevitable. The people are more empowered today than they have ever been at any time in history.

  • Fuck lets make it global

  • This new law would make things better for all.

  • Amen to that… Can't wait till this happens in Canada

  • Wait weed maps left cali or just extended to co??

  • Hopefully cali man. Where the weed already offical

  • florida needs help

  • we needed it in cali

  • Better jobs lol . Picking bud is way funner than picking cotton !