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Thought i’d do a quick video on breaking bongs… It’s an awful thing that needs to be prevented at all costs! 😛

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  • I've broken every single glass piece I've ever had in some way.

  • great rules but I'd like to add one for the traveling patient if you're gunna have glass in some kind of bag with a grinder grab a sock wether you put your bowl in a sock or the grinder in it, the sock keeps things from banging around. sadly I learned this the hard way

  • Can u get good bongs from eBay?

  • The only bong i broke is outside with a flower planted inside it

  • Nice pineapple vase or whatever that is. Lol.

  • Did you replace his dabber yet?

  • the music at that hit at 6 minutes is truly trippy

  • I didn't smoked along, dabbed along or vaped along.
    I drank 2 hours ago i.e. weed tea.

    …..high as fuck!

  • cheap glass fails prematurely too,

  • I have a couple tips for avid smokers. Like Dab mats! They are amazing for keeping the base from hitting the table to hard or scratching. Drop downs aren't only good for keeping reclaim from building up in your joint but they also keep heat away from the piece when dabbing. Keeping your pieces clean is also a major key to keeping a piece long. Know who is handling your piece it'll help in large seshs in the long run and well nobody knows your rig like you.

  • I keep a metal piece for the intoxicated, which does include myseld

  • 6:01 gadeem!!!

  • do u ever have to redo your videos if u mess up (especially after already taking a bong rip or dab)? cause if so you play it off like your not as stoned very well lol

  • haha, would be, Josh, but it isn't

  • The ending was pure torture!!!

  • Am I the only one that's slightweight annoyed with the smoke just chillin in the TAG Bong???

  • i was really bothered by the fact that there was smoke sitting in the chamber

  • you said in your Q&A vid that you were already going to replace the glass you broke haha DO IT!

  • Awesome video as always

  • hey Josh wats the background music you play called