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“Boundless CFX” – (Product Review)


Today, I have a review on the Boundless CF Vaporizer, as well as the CFx. These are would be what I consider to be some of the most functional flower vaporizers that i’ve ever used. Watch the full review for an in depth breakdown! 😛

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  • Just ordered the cfx after watching this. Can't wait !

  • do a review on your magic flight box!

  • So you recommend the Flowermate better then, since you gave it a 6.5?

  • Has anyone tried the Alfa? Mine broke, I loved it. I'm considering the Cf but I'm wondering how the two compare?

  • lovin mine weed tends to get stuck in grooves near the chamber if only it came with something to load it..

  • Stop the air quotes you hipster fuck
    TRUMP 2016

  • is there a document somewhere that has the scores of every item you've reviewed?

  • is it possible to vape just hash in it?

  • This is not a convection vape. Why do people keep saying that.

  • If this is really your first portable vaporizer that actually was effective and efficient, you should seriously consider picking up a Mighty vaporizer by Storz & Bickel.

  • it's full conduction the company already admitted the false advertising

  • shit looks like a breathalyzer

  • Would you recommend the CF/CFX over the Arizer Solo? Thank you :)

  • I thought both those vapes were conduction vapes ?

  • These things are the best thing going !! Good price point too ????

  • I won the cf version on Instagram

  • Hey josh do you know if you there is a factory new taste on the Cfx the first time you try it and if there is how to get rid of it?

  • where can i buy this vape in canada ? plz

  • what gets you higher flowermate or this?

  • Hi man, i really like your honesty and the "science" you put behind everything per say.
    Could you review or compare this vaporizer with the Mighty vaporizer from storz & bickle ? that would be great to see, since they are kind of similar.Peace out, and keep up the good work and smoke (y)