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Sorry this took so long to upload! I got mad sick after the event 🙁
This is day 1 of the Freedom Rally with SilencedHippie, Jenny WakenandBake, TheGayStoner, StonedAlone, and Evil Evelyn! It was an awesome time getting to meet all of my east coast viewers. Your weed is wicked strong 😛

Shoutout to SourceVapes for keeping me high all trip! –

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  • How gangsta is Grass on grass? Not much. But , that Cardi track iz on point.

  • I am so dead at your dancing Josh. 🤣

  • i seen you there i was at the hemper tent <3

  • Hello. My name is MinnestonerGirl. Im a Hippiechic who smokes Cannabis, but there is so much more to my life. Head over to my channel and subscribe to follow my journey. Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or my blog post too! Thanks for your support.

  • 35 dollars a line 😂

  • This like the friend zone chronicles

  • Cheers my guy stay smoking and stay loaded up

  • i was like 420 😀 😀

  • I might have a massive crush on Sasha.

  • Josh white girl dancing was my favorite part

  • dude I looked all over for you…

  • Boston Tree Party 🤙🏾

  • Bruh n that Arnold head gay ass 💀

  • Good to see your back , watching from Alaska

  • 40 dollar lines I thought this was a weed channel hehehe

  • Hey Josh, Thank you for coming to Cambridge/Boston. It was surreal having you in our city and even getting to meet you in person. You met me and my friend Luc behind the small stage near the trees on day 2 of (what we call) Hempfest when we were blitzed out of our minds. It was a moment not to be forgotten. Thanks and cheers!

    P.s. We were looking at you crazy for wearing all black shirt and jeans in 85+ degree weather.

  • The lovely lady with the blue jumpsuit and pink hat is quite beautiful 🙂
    Btw great video as per usual Josh!

  • Got iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim

  • Bodak Yellow Instrumental was a good editing choice

  • Do you have more vids. At the Rally. Thank you.