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Kristen & I had some rad adventures the couple days before The Freedom Rally! Should have some dope footage up these next few days!! 😛

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  • What kind of strain is that sea horse x with a girafe lmao ? At 2:14

  • i saw him at the rally. All he did was take attention away from people as venders literally stopped talking to us just to say hi to him. hes not a celeb idk why they had to be that rude. w.e. made the dude happy enough to give us free stuff.

  • Check me out if you get a chance.

  • Can you make a video of of you heating up a quartz bowl hot enough to combust the flower with a touch and drop a moon rock in it I've noticed a lot of oil melts down the stem i want to see if this might help save the oil from getting lost

  • Love the video my guy stay smoking and stay loaded up cheers peace love and happiness sub my channel my guy

  • 1:48 imagine that chasing your ass

  • University of Wisconsin-Madison's campus is better! Go Bucky!!

  • 😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤

  • come thru to new hampshire with the gas mane

  • Quick weed question..
    Yesterday I inhaled correctly for the first time and I got weak and needed to sit down and I hugged a tree to keep myself up. Long story short I got to my friends house and was twitching, didn't feel like I was really here, whole body was tingly and hot, heart was racing. Someone let me know what was going on… was my weed laced or what? Bad high? Too much weed? Or was I just high for the first time?

  • East cost is where it's at.

  • I know Boston only from fallout 4

  • Could you talk about increasing tolerance levels to THC and the 'weed high' irrespective of increased usage or forms of delivery and ways to deal with it? I know it's kind of a controversial and sensitive subject, especially among stoners (I am one), but it's not talked about unless referring to it as a dangerous addictive drug.

  • you should of went to the museum of fine arts. way better! the aquarium is for more for children along with the museum of science

  • 😥damn I wanna see you, and I Liv in Boston

  • Bird demo was, LIT!!!!

  • Fuck the Red Sox

  • Welcome to New England man. Enjoy the Shitty humid this weekend -_- it is never like this this time of year

  • OMG that bird impression was spot on! +1!

  • See you there on Sunday! I hope