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Thought i’d bring back an old school segment called “vs”, this is basically just comparing bongs vs. joints and laying out all the pros & cons of each method of consumption! 😛

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  • i almost smell that this guy advocates bongs because of the sponsors he have selling all this pieces. that a bong will get you more high just because less off-smoke is silly too say really.

  • i think its misleading to say that it gets you more high because of no off smoke, that is not the main reason it gets you more high.

  • you gotta be dumb if you smoke bongs just for the sake of not loosing off-smoke. that has very little to do with why pipes or bongs get you more high lol..

  • I enjoy cleaning my pieces tho its like part of being a responsible stoner but that's just me ?

  • bong water worst than sewage water? nah

  • Bongs way better get me way more faded joints are just great to chill when you trying to chill

  • i prefer bongs but if i had a constant supply of bud then id smoke joints every now and then

  • are you sure they actually sold for… hundreds of thousands….. or that was just the asking price.

  • I love my joints the most It's just feels better in my option

  • what about doing a video of a Wooden pipe VS Glass pipe and the science of it?

  • Strain Central do joints burn your lungs with the hot smoke

  • I prefer joints

  • i broke my glass bong yesterday fuck

  • I cant not watch this if im not high

  • dude do a how to bong because I see them very attractive and fits my lifestyle Im 15 i wanna know

  • regular zig zag papers are 5$ a pack here in missouri :c. pretty ridiculous right?

  • so you're totally lit by the end of all these videos? lmao

  • I prefer the bong because it cools the smoke, and is much more enjoyable to smoke that way. The hot smoke is just destroying my lungs, like I cough and it hurts a ton.

  • Daniel Bryan, is that you ?

  • Joints 4life?❤️