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I came across one of the most absurd articles i’ve laid eyes on in quite a while today and HAD to make a video addressing/de-bunking it! 😛

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  • Omg josh yes I agree with u this is kinda dumb, but there are far more ignorant articles and people out there XD

  • so where do bong users get the money to buy them expensive shits? lol

  • The guy who wrote the article does sound like a fool but there are definitely plenty more ignorant articles about cannabis all over the place

  • greetings from mexico respect to you, i love your educational video's like so

  • you just got yourself another subscriber. this video is genius!

  • Why d u hold it in?

  • I can't smoke bongs, bonger's lung but sure wish I could. Would save my mj. Really enjoy ur vibe, great show!

  • I see a lot of glass pipes and I still use my old metal one but I heard glass is better. What cha think Josh?

  • Hahaha what the good fuck. The article guy is on LSD.

  • You'll find me out the front puffin on the bud. Fuck these white cunts

  • his camera turn off by itself , it must be Ghosts :)

  • When you said propaganda you left out bourgeois. I like your show Josh
    but "controlling ones happiness" sounds like
    manifest destiny or that book "The Secret". Otherwise, good episode.

  • I could not stop laughing while watching this

  • Josh should write an article titled: Bong Use = Self-Employment

  • When u zone out for a sec and think u see an annotation saying MassRoots in the middle of the screen -_-

  • This author had to of been the DUMBEST person to be saying this hahahah he needs to smoke

  • I was dying at the end haha!!! That sucker wouldn't go out!

  • Who ever wrote that is the most idiotic person alive

  • 10:20 that's more LSD