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Glass Blunt – (

There has been quite an intrest in glass blunts these last few months, so I thought i’d do a quick breakdown of blunts vs glass blunts! 😛

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  • Don't call this overpriced crack pipe a blunt.

  • Aye. A blunts a blunt. A joint for me is a pure and a spliff is tobacco and weed. Personally I hate any form of tobacco so tend to stay away from blunts or spliffs. Got handed a spliff that i thought was a pure the other night, only had a few puffs before i realized. Was sick and vomming the rest of the night. Fuck tobacco.

  • Drink ur milk kids 😂

  • Me personally I smoke joints more I don't like blunts unless they are the hemp blunts or the palm tree blunts.

  • my nigga took a big ass hit at the end

  • The uk definition makes more sense. Joint… joined…weed+tobacco

  • We call weed and tobacco in a normal rolling paper a splif, just weed in a normal paper a joint and then weed in a blunt wrap a blunt

  • I prefer unflavored blunt wraps

  • What about the metal inside? Is it not harmful when heated?

  • Glass blunts suck, you always have to keep lighting it

  • Has anyone ever had sex while high? Its the greatest

  • Man watching him smoke makes me wanna smoke too.

  • U get my like for the wasted edit my dude

  • if u like backwoods try a backwoods dark stout trust me

  • Hey, what's your opinion on home grown, home tanned tobacco smoked through a pipe? Or high quality pipe tobacco.

  • You just got the USA/UK – JOINT/BLUNT defintitions completely wrong… just saying

  • Everything about weed I learn from u Josh

  • I knew blunt wraps were tobacco, it's a tobacco leaf

  • Do hemp blunts smell ?

  • Yeah America's legal system, especially on drugs is fucked up. The U.S. legit holds 25% of the world's prisoners. Yes it seems insane but this is a true fact.