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“Blueberry Pancakes” – (Strain Review)


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This batch of Blueberry Pancakes was grown by FireBros. Blueberry Pancakes is a cross between DJ Short’s Blueberry & an unknown strain (Some speculate it to be a Blueberry backcross).

It provides you with an almost sedating Indica dominant hybrid high that would be great for those suffering from Pain, Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia, and G.I. Problems!

Overall I give this strain a [6.2/7]


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  • Hot wand and a bong. Probably my favorite way to smoke.

  • Do you play League?

  • Hmmm….Kushes have a syrupy taste…might it be one of them? The sleuthing continues….

  • almost at 200k nice bro

  • it not facebook anymore its himpower

  • so chilled josh i love it cheers from Australia

  • please tell me those are braces

  • Hey Josh, I'm down here in SD to those that can't figure that out its San Diego, and I watch your reviews even tho I smoke alot of the same strains and I must say I'm impressed and this is saying something coming from me that your guys buds are so nice up there. No offense just never knew Washington had that good of herb. Everything I get is on that same level I'm 34 and have been a connoisseur since I was 19. Before that in those days we called good bud dro, or chronic and were extremely stoked to get good nugs back then, there were no names it was just dro or fire and that was it. Since then which has been many years all I've smoked is high grade meaning 14% and up thc levels. Now mostly all I get is in the high 20's which is crazy how far its come lol, however I believe alot of dispensaries exaggerate the thc percentage, but that's ok. The weed I smoke here is better than Amsterdam I've been there 6 times and keep hoping they will improve to our standards and just can't do it it seems but none the less I LOVE it over there because of the obvious. Anyways keep making awesome strain review videos who doesn't love a good strain review because I like to see how someone else reacts to the same strains that I've smoked. Cheers bro take care

  • cheers to marijuana of ohio

  • What's the name of this song you are playing in the background?

  • he's got a torch .jaja that"s phat.

  • Don't know what they do over there with the weed, but here in holland weed doesnt taste like blueberry or pancakes, it just taste like weed, like it should

  • you need to speak and articulate a bit more bruh, love your work but dont rush like this,  lol

  • +StrainCentral (Cannabis Reviews and Smoke Sessions) Just out of curiosity, why are you a medical cannabis patient? If you don't mind…

  • dayumm…trichs on top of trichs!

  • Why out of 7? Lol

  • hell yeah im from ohio lol

  • I'm your 17,000th subscriber. 

  • You are my absolute favorite strain reviewer. Don't stop doing what you do. 

  • Hey man, what do you like better, indicas or sativas?