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Blueberry Master& OGizzle On The Water

Join Gil for the first ever Duo Strain Review from TWO different dispensaries! Watch as they review on some Blueberry Master and award winning OGizzle!


  • lol gizzal its OGiesel

  • Everyone has their own pipe. I dislike the break from the passing tradition, that is part of the experience. 

  • I'm just replying to say that I am sorry about how crazy butt-hurt you got over something I said two years ago. I hope you come across the best weed money can buy, oh you internet hero with your sharp words, ridding this foul realm of "chumps" like me. I realize now that your acutely fine taste buds are not worthy of my sophomoric comment, what a fool I was.

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  • what lake is that ??

  • lol the boat has wayyy too much weight in the front.

  • That blueberry master looks fantastic!

  • @sebaspasco ye they treat the stuff like wine. its not even llegal where im at.

  • @sebaspasco probably because your friends aren't educated on the plant

  • @sebaspasco that's a pretty boring way of looking at weed..

  • @sebaspasco that's the point of a review…

  • would be a better episode if I could hear more voices and less wind…

  • What'd he say?

  • I lol'd at the British hippy.

  • boats about to sink

  • "in my a face! in my cheeks and in my nose like in the front"..

  • look at the pawntoons front haha gill u fatass

  • Your doing bong hits on a boat not fucking tasting wine at a chateau just smoke the weed and enjoy your high this is why i hate smoking with patients like these guys.

  • watchin this high as shit on some OG Kush!

  • Whoa! Thats WAY too many pot heads on one side of the boat!