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“Blue Power” – (Strain Review)


Blue Power is a cross between (Power x White Moonshine) from Sin City Seeds that leaves you with an nice sedating body high, but will still keep your mind focused and creative. Great strain for ADD, AD/HD, Stress, Depression, and Minor Pain

Overall I give this batch a [5.1/7]

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  • Sativas really make me anxious. I've tried some of that durban poison and I honestly just sat there and waited for it to go away

  • On a safety note….. do not leave burning cherry in de-bowler… I did that and it almost melted through…:-/

  • that's some fire ass reggie

  • Uhh I need that dark purple Toker Poker

  • You need to fill that wall up

  • Watching this cause i just picked up some BP and damn is it good.

  • I wish so bad you could get some of the wax at my dispensary here in Denver it has like 35% cbg because they added it to it

  • beautiful meds bro!!!!!

  • This is why people hate stoners you sound like morons.

  • Watching you're videos in class

  • Vapor wave Bantu balls for harambe6969#

  • Their should be a strain called the eco system

  • "My name would be Josh," said Josh before he was born.

  • Ommg 1:43 he sound of that bud breaking apart is magical :D

  • man it always makes me so nervous with him waving his hands around all that glass ??

  • How does he know so much about this stuff

  • I wish I could subscribe more than once, he's so positive!

  • Where the FUCK did you get that great shirt?

  • Hey Josh, try Micky Kush bei TGA subcool. Up to 4 % CBG. Would be nice to hear your opinion.

  • do a strain review on khalifa kush plz