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Blue Dream Strain Review & Balls Diffused Product Review


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  • I will buy some off you, How much?

    2-5 years prison

    My life?

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    *White Widow.Purple Kush. Pride of Amsterdam.Snow White.Strawberry Cough. *Sour Kush… *Bubba Kush… *Purple Haze… *Russian kush… *Himalayan Gold.*O? G Kush..*Sour Diesel.AK-47 a.k.a Special-K.*Great White Shark.Bonana Kush.*White Widow X Northern Lights? #5.Bubblegum Kush.California Orange Bud.Purple Skunk:Sour Mist:*Super Haze:.White Russia:.White Widow.Jack Dream.
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  • I love how they play Slightly Stoopid in almost every video

  • gil would kill the bowl

  • Gil is the white budha

  • the guy in the rights second hit….. he sucked nothing in at all

  • my have strain of all time. blue dream!!

  • just got some blue dream it's nice but after like 4 hrs i have a slight headache

  • what about the 100 ice cubes in the tube…..

  • does any one else notice how stoned the guy with the ramomes shirt looks at 3:09 ahhaahahha

  • Fire.

  • Just got some Blue Dream. <3

  • Video production is good, but PLEASE get some better mics! I could barely hear you guys.

  • That shit cray!

  • @ nugporn do you think regular marbles would work?

  • I have a half of blue dream that looks just as good as that and man it is good bud, its so tasty 🙂

  • white lighter = bad luck!

  • i LOVE blue dream

  • Big ups to nug porn and weed maps. LOVE THESE VIDEOS!