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Blue Dream Marijuana Strain – 420Portal

Watch Nicole as she gets Blazed on Blue Dream. Blue Dream is a Sativa Dominate – Hybrid Marijuana Strain.

Buy your Blue Dream Here:


  • She wins best toking award hands down.

  • try RAWS

  • 1:54 "there's so much informason" lol

  • Can't wait till my blue dream harvest is ready to be cured

  • Her eye all fugly?

  • An excellent strain for depression, anxiety and pain.
    if u can rip the hell out of this strain then your insomnia is gone.
    Interested in blue dream?? Call/text: Four Zero Eight Four One Nine Nine Four Eight Zero  for more info..

  • Do you send tu Mexico?

  • Thanku for the nice vid!

  • I think you guys would get more views with a different name.  If you type in 420 portal with a space between all kinds of other shit comes up but yours doesnt.

  • If you review different buds use different pieces 

  • Thank you, sister….Blue Dream.

  • Baby cries at 42 seconds in.