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“Blue Balls” – (Strain Review)


“Blue balls” is a cross between (DJ Short’s Blueberry x Chemdawg) that provides you with an intensely euphoric head high paired with quite a calming, relaxing, relieving body high. Very great functional pain relief.

Great for Depression, Stress, PTSD, Muscle Spasms, and Pain Relief. Overall I give this strain a [4.9/7]
From ridiculous Stephen Harper quotes, to Oregon recreational cannabis stores, we have all kinds of stories to cover!! 😛

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  • this is gay u look like a yetti

  • there is nothing like wake n'bake with blue balls in the morning to get you grooving and thoughts moving. No shit I would have to agree josh LOL!!!! :-(

  • Hey, why did you upload this twice?

  • Man, I just love DJ short strains, I really hope I can get a hold of some of his Grape Kush again.

  • Gonna have to try this strain mixed with a cbd enriched strain. Cheers homie be safe

  • i want you as my doctor !!! i wud take blue balls if you prescribed it 😀
    Cracking vid again Josh 🙂
    Thank's Bro

  • Josh,
    When you pressed out that rosin, how did you press it out? Like what did you use? You should do a video on how you do that, I'm interested on how and if it's a good thing too smoke. Love your videos as always!

  • I subscribed, you dirty hippy. Now cut your hair.

  • judging by the close ups most of the surface trichs are missing mostly stalks with no heads was that bud handled alot or autotrimmed but true yield % would b most accurate if bud is made into say concentrate with the least agitation of the buds beforehand to reduce loss of heads

  • To easily figure out how much his rating equals out of a 10 scale is remove the decimal he puts in his rating and divide that number by seven. (3.5/7 equals 5/10 because 35 divided by 7 is 5.

  • chemo strain was made in Canada ,don't where the term chemdog came from??I guess some moron in the ghetto smoked some and gave it an urban term. But really it's just ''chemo''

  • Well, not them best rosin CUT

  • please do a video on how you do your ratings

  • dat drool tho

  • is it just me or does anyone reckon josh would a great bud tender knowing all this about a new strain?

  • love the vids josh very descriptive chairs everyone chairs

  • I just need to say, I feel like your lowering of the volume when coughing is suuuper underappreciated.

  • I think you got it backwards Og kush come from chemdawg an maybe sour d idk but chemdawg is a pretty old strain

  • You should do a review on moonrocks

  • that's looks like some nice flower man, great description of the weed. keep up the great videos!