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“Blue Afghani” (Strain Review)


Blue Afghani is 70/30 Indica dominant Hybrid cross between (Afghani Hash Plant x DJ Short’s Blueberry) that provides you with a functional, yet effective high. It’s almost sedating and takes away pain and nausea like a dream but it will not lock you into the couch and leave you un-motivated. I found this to be an extremely social strain. Keeps you very talkative and happy. Would be great for Nausea, Pain, Stress, Depression, and Muscle Spasms. Overall I give it a [6.6/7] Tastes like Hashy Blueberry goodness and provides you with a great daytime or night-time high!!!


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  • "If you have nausea, if you have pain, blue afghani is a wonderful strain" phat rhymes

  • As always – Nice Video! Defenitely gonna try this. And now we are gonna hit some Devil's Fruit (you should really review it). Cheers

  • Lol it's easy to find good weed my friend is selling his weed for $5000 per pound to the dispensery

  • Omg dude so bomb looking man i bet you felt good after that awesome medication brother cheers!

  • You need to invest in an herb iron my friend. It would be a lot better on your lungs compared to the bic and wic. ??? good review though man. I enjoy your channel 

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  • Can you do OG Kush?

  • I live in WA state. I order from my local mobile dispensary and I get dama concentrates and flowers. Right now as I watch this video I am ripping some Blue Afghani. One of my favorite strains. I got some of damas Purple Sour Diesel right now as well. Nice Video. Keep Them coming.

  • Hey man I love your reviews but what I'm wondering is what state you live in where you can get medical bud for nausea and anxiety etc. cause I live in Vermont and although we have medical marijuana here, it's hard to get it. You have to have like some serious disease.

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  • I saw that steam extraction oil at the cannabis market. I might have to try that stuff also.

  • Review Flo ~

  • Got a hektic pistol grip bong today, nice vid and content as always . Peace

  • thanks for that,its pretty good for being nauseous hay

  • Growers luv bro