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Blackberry Kush – G Farmacy Los Angeles – News Aug 13 2012 – Visit our WeedMaps listing for current hours and menu.

G Farmacy
330 South Wall St., Los Angeles, CA 90013
Mon – Sun 7am to 2am

You won’t find this “berry” in just any bush- follow Gil as he smokes a bowl of Blackberry Kush from G Farmacy.

Like the song? Check out the artists!
Title: “Sittin’ On Clouds”
Artists: Gino


  • been smokin this for two weeks in ct, really nice and stones you out.

  • Love the smell and taste, I copped a dub before right before thanksgiving and was munching the whole weekend. Reminds me of Tahoe OG

  • I'd get that blackberry kush for 5 a gram were I'm from

  • And twiches

  • Cbd helps with stress and sleep

  • Yeah it is that shit is some bunk 20 % I got some blackberry 28% THC .9 % CBD

  • I had the best crop of Blackberry Kush a few years back and my mates are still talking about that shit..

  • tried this shit not too long ago. best shit ive ever had

  • When I got my BBK IT smells like candy

  • BlackberryKush is my fav!

  • Hold that hit, damn what a waste. I moved to a new state and scored a couple buds. I am streching every toke to it's full limit not knowing when my next score will be.

  • No CBD? Then this is not medication…..

  • Looks like the Nugs have been through an exctration of some type, why aren't there any round trichromes at the end of all those pistils. Looks like a lot have been knocked off/extracted.

  • Looks FIRE

  • Nice pipe piece. 

  • It's convenient for people who have irregular work hours and aren't able to purchase the product until a late night. It's about making it convenient for the buyer.

  • song sucks.,…………….

  • not addicted…committed.

  • I really don't see the point of closing at 2 am just to open back up 5 hours later.

  • Love the blackberry